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Cognitive therapy for early-stage depression
Resolve depression & lethargy with experts
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Digital Cognitive Therapy
led by Experts

Helping people overcome their depression and lethargy
A Pilot Test to Validate the Efficacy of the Distancing Program
(n= 200 LG Employees in Korea, Unpublished, 2023)

Your coach,

Distancing coach provides personalized guidance for better outcomes.

How to use
Immediate coaching assignment upon program start, no reservation needed

No appointment needed

Just share your concerns. Then Distancing coach will contact you very soon!
Daily customized guidance from a professional coach via message

Meet your coach every dayo appointment needed

Distancing coach will provide daily feedback on your activities!
Tailored Distancing program systematically structured for your specific issues

Evidence-based program

Distancing provides 100+ evidence-based activities that help solve depression and anxiety.
Distancing program accessible on web and mobile anywhere

Anywhere on the web or mobile

Use Distancing in the environment that is most comfortable for you.

Distancing Stories

Hear the stories of people who have overcome depression and anxiety and are moving toward a valuable life through Distancing program. We believe that you can make the same story!
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Professional Coach

A professional coach assists you in proceeding with the Distancing program efficiently.
Coach Qualifications
The coaches guiding the Distancing program are recruited globally and have undergone education and training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) programs. All coaches hold professional certifications recognized in their respective countries.
Composition of Distancing's Digital CBT Program

Empowering yourself
to solve problems

Do you want to gain the ability to solve your problems by yourself? Bring about change in yourself through Distancing.
Comparing Distancing Program, Face-to-Face Counseling, and Medication
Distancing 1 month
Unlimited access to all programs for a month.


How long does the whole thing take?

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It's usually a 3-month journye, but it varies per person.

Does the coach help out?

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Your coach, a trained mental health professional, will guide you through daily activites and lead the program. You an work with your coach anonymously.

Does the coach help out?

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It can help those dealing with depression, shame, lack of energy, binge eating, anxiety, obsessive worries, panic attacks, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, self-destructive perfectionism, work stress, sleep issues, and other complex emotional challenges.For urgent issues like hallucinations, delusions, or suicidal thoughts, immediate medical attention is needed, and this program might not be suitable right away. However, once stabilized medically, Distancing can be a great option for long-term, sustainable change.

Does the coach help out?

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If you haven't used the service after paying, you can get a refund anytime. If you've used the service more than once after payment, please contact the seller for the refund details.If service disruptions last more than a week due to server issues or development errors, we'll refund all payments made from 21 days before the problem started until the issue is resolved.

Does the coach help out?

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start distancing

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Medical Disclaimer
Distancing is a digital program based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, conducted with the guidance of trained coaches. However, neither Distancing nor the coaches provide medical diagnoses or treatments. Any medical diagnoses or treatments should be discussed with a medical professional.