How to use Distancing

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Find your exact problem

First, we focus on identifying the main concerns troubling you.
You will be able to know what the real problem is.
To specify the problem, write down recent primary concerns.

Check your mental health regularly

We conduct an assessment every two weeks to check on your mental health.
You will be able to see yourself improving gradually.
Regular check-ups over two weeks track changes in anxiety, depression, and stress levels.

Do Daily Activities

We provide daily activities tailored to your own problem.
You will be able to proceed with the Distancing program, tailored to your specific needs, at your own pace.
Every day, the assigned coach guides the next activity through messages.

Clarify your thoughts

The coach asks insightful questions to help you refine your thoughts.
You will be able to articulate your thoughts related to the problem by answering those questions.
During the program, the assigned coach provides additional questions to help concretize thoughts, based on the responses I've submitted.

Understand your own cognitive model

Distancing help you sketch your 'thought map,' the pattern of thoughts in your mind.
you will be able to understand the root of the problem through the thought map.
As the program progresses, a detailed map of my thoughts emerges, allowing me to quickly identify the root of the issues and repetitive thought patterns.

Distance yourself from thoughts

Distancing provides 100+ acitivities to help you distance yourself from your negative thoughts.
You will be able to break away from negative thoughts.
If there are negative thoughts, systematic activities that assess the contribution level of each factor numerically can help examine the situation objectively.

Follow the professional guide

Distancing coach guides you to the right direction.
You can ask any questions to your own coaches.
During the program, inquire with your coach about any questions via chat.

Anywhere, Anytime

Distancing supports both web and mobile platforms.
You can use Distancing at any time, anywhere, in the most comfortable environment.
Supports both PC and mobile environments, allowing you to use the program without environmental constraints.
Medical Disclaimer
Distancing is a digital program based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, conducted with the guidance of trained coaches. However, neither Distancing nor the coaches provide medical diagnoses or treatments. Any medical diagnoses or treatments should be discussed with a medical professional.
Better Mental Health,
A science-based cognitive therapy
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